Iceland Electronic Indie Pop

Nína Solveig Andersen embarked on her solo journey as the artist lúpína, releasing her debut single in autumn 2022. Since then, she has captivated audiences with her singles and albums ‘ringluð’, in early 2023 and ‘marglytta’ in autumn 2024. Lúpína’s music is a fusion of Icelandic lyric-focused Scandi pop, where she fearlessly explores the boundaries of pop music, blending different genres seamlessly.

Born from collaborations with her peers at the Norwegian music production school LIMPI, ‘ringluð’ is a testament to lúpína’s personal and introspective songwriting. Her music, a mix of heartfelt Icelandic lyrics and diverse production soundscapes, has garnered significant attention on platforms like TikTok and even graced Icelandic TV screens.

Moreover, her album ‘ringluð’ has been nominated for the Kraumur awards, while her music video for ‘yfir skýin’ has received nominations for Iceland’s Listener Awards and Reykjavík Grapevine’s Music Award, where she won the prestigious Song of the Year award.

Lúpína brings a fresh perspective to Icelandic music, infusing it with global appeal while staying true to her roots. As she continues to evolve as an artist, her music promises to leave an indelible mark on the local and international music scene.