Une Misère

Iceland Rock

The ferocious and primal energy of UNE MISÈRE has been turning heads ever since their formation in 2016.
Mirroring the dark, cold and barren nature of their homeland; UNE MISÈRE has crafted a unique blend of concise blackened hardcore.

Delivered in the form of devastatingly crushing sonics provided by the vicious six piece at full tilt. Originating from Reykjavík, Iceland. The capital of the secluded island in the north, characterized by vast desolate landscapes, eruptions and storms.

UNE MISÈRE set forth with laser-sharp focus from day one, determined to pave their own way. The band took on a relentless EU touring schedule where the energy and dangerous live show of UNE MISÈRE was spread across the continent.
Armed to the teeth with their violent chants, a fuse previously unheard of, the buzz quickly caught eye and ear of industry titans NUCLEAR BLAST whom consequently released the debut album Sermon in 2019 to critical acclaim. KERRANG articulated their thoughts on the release as ‘An intoxicating violence [that] spirals inwards at the centre of this furious debut album from Iceland’s UNE MISÈRE.

2024 marks a new beginning for UNE MISÈRE. Having enlisted the talents of powerhouse vocalist Rúnar Geirmundsson, UNE MISÈRE has managed to redefine and elevate their sound to an even more lethal blend.
Next up for UNE MISÈRE: Lay waste to stages across the globe.
The future is bright for UNE MISÈRE.