Conference day 1 schedule announced!

Prepare to witness an eruption of knowledge and inspiration as we—together with Iceland Music, Reykjavík Music City, and Business Iceland—unveil our third groundbreaking conference announcement! Just like our volcano’s molten lava is carving its way to create new earth, we’re forging an extraordinary landscape for a conference that will set the industry ablaze! 

We’re starting off with a panel called ‘The Outsiders: Attracting global audiences to the edge of the earth’. Our dynamic nation that soared to global acclaim through the magic of music, now stands poised to embrace its identity as a cultural powerhouse. As we set our sights on the world stage, we confront a thrilling challenge: how do we beckon the masses to our enchanting yet concealed island?

Calling all skeptics and inquisitive minds! The third panel ‘Where’s My Money: Why Invest in Music?’ might intrigue you. Let’s unravel the mystery behind this audacious move – is it driven by altruism or a stroke of genius investment strategy? We’re dying to find out for ourselves.

And then, the unavoidable topic responsible for a global blame game, Covid! During ‘The Big Talk: Does the Live Industry Need to Stop Blaming Covid’ we dive into the heart of the matter, daring to question just how fleeting this setback truly is. Unfiltered, hopefully! 

Have you heard of Iceland Music Film Phenomenon”? We’re not really sure how it happened, but it feels like almost every Icelandic Composer has been establishing a harmonious alliance with the cinematic realm. Is this extraordinary trend a unique hallmark of Iceland? Or is this part of a bigger, perhaps global, phenomenon? 

To end this already wonderfully interesting day, explore the epic clash between music and its non-musical counterpart in ‘Attention Wars: Is the non-music part of music eclipsing – the music?’. Unravelling the mystique collaboration between the brilliant minds on stage and behind the scenes who, together, conjure the magic that enhances every shining artist’s journey. Let’s meet some of them!

How amazing is this? And we’re not even done yet! So while we bask in the glory of possessing insider knowledge, why not seize the opportunity to unravel the full brilliance of our freshly announced panels and esteemed speakers? The greatest the industry has to offer, if you ask us. From Sarah McCullen at Netflix, to Iceland’s very own Minister of Culture and Business Affairs, Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir, and many many more. Check out our speaker page to immerse yourself in all the awesome. Let’s go!