Sølvi Simonarson

Listastovan (www.facebook.com/listastovan) is an art and music venue in the village Miðvágur on Vágar island, Faroe Islands. Listastovan is used in many different artistic contexts: it hosts the local evening classes for illustration and art, a workshop for local painters and artists, as well as it is used as venue for concerts and lectures. In 2017 Listastovan won a Faroese Music Award for their profound role in forming and improving the music and audience culture in Vágar. Since 2017 Listastovan has been a part of the PULS cooperation project, an initiative under the Nordic Culture fond, to promote Nordic music and to build up an audience culture in smaller regions in the Nordics. The project ended in 2022. We are interested in networking and cooperation’s with other venues, promoters and artists etc. to organize concerts at our venue Listastovan and other places in the Faroe Islands.