Whether you're short on time, have a child or a needy dog, or you simply don't like being around people for more than one evening at a time, you still deserve to see a good concert.
While we LOVE the full, 4 day-and-night experience that is Iceland Airwaves, we understand that some people do not have the time to experience everything, and some might not be able to attend more than one night, but are dying to get a taste of Iceland Airwaves anyway.
Here at Iceland Airwaves - we like to do things a little different. Skipping lunch for a family sized packet of Sport Lakkris, burning the candle in the middle as well as both ends, generally going for it (or as we say here in the IA office: Berjast!).
Last year saw KEXP celebrate 10 incredible years of live sessions from Iceland Airwaves. The sessions have reached listeners and viewers all over the world, with more than 60,000,000 views of the sessions on YouTube alone.

After selling out the Airwaves Plus allocation two weeks ago, we've managed to shuffle some things around, shave some bears, sharpen some pencils and eat a whole bag of rotten shark, and we've managed to squeeze out an extra (but very limited) allocation of Airwaves Plus upgrades.

Our long-time friends at M for Montreal have been sending artists and recommendations our way since way back then, including Mac DeMarco’s first Icelandic performance in 2012.

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