Warner, Spotify, Universal, KEXP and more | IA Conference

s the summer bids farewell, the world transforms into a realm of mystique, where daylight dwindles and the enigmatic northern lights emerge from the shadows. We’ve been working hard to book the northern lights for a performance at Iceland Airwaves, but they prefer to make a surprise appearance. It’s more their style.

We have, however, managed to secure some fantastic speakers for the IA Conference.

Also joining the lineup is Robert Levine from Billboard US who will be speaking on ‘Where’s My Money: Why Invest in Music?’. Katahrin Ahrend from Clubcommission Berlin will join ‘The Big Talk’, and music king Atli Örvarsson will hop on the panel ‘Iceland Music Film Phenomenon’. Scott Fetters from 2112/Center for Creative Entrepreneurship is also going to be speaking at the conference.

We’re pleased to add Sam Mobarek from Warner, Samuel McGlynn from Red Light Management, and journalistJosie Anne Gaitens to our already stellar speakers on our first panel of the day, ‘Turn it around – how heartbreaking failure can inspire life-changing success’.

Joining Nur Ozdamar from Youtube at our panel ‘Soundtrack to your life’ are Natasha Kilibarda from Universal Music Group, Ebba Guhnby from FUGA, Steve Schnur from EA, and Dan Koplowitz from Friendly Fire Licensing. Whoa!

And of course, the topic no one can get enough of! Our ‘The Ultimate AI Panel’ will be backed by Brian Hiatt from Rolling Stone, Software Engineering ConsultantHelgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, and Parag Bhandari from UG Strategies, Bull City Summit.

For ’The Art of Curation’ we welcome Emma Vikström from Spotify, Ariana Morgenstern from KCRW, Jeremy D. Larson from Pitchfork, Stefan Gejsing from Roskilde, Tom Windish from Wasserman, and Music Supervisor Kle Savidge!

Oh and we also snuck in Kevin Cole from KEXP and Nick Matthews from Wasserman to our ‘Þetta reddast – the Icelandic mentality’ panel. How about that?

Dive into the digital realm of our website to explore the latest, electrifying additions to our ever-evolving schedule. More to come, we’re almost there!

Industry speakers spanning the creative industries, from musicians, managers, promoters, journalists, ministers and directors all changing the game and at the forefront of their fields, will be gathering in Reykjavik this November for Iceland Airwaves biggest networking and information sharing sessions to date.

Organisations and companies represented include YouTube/Google,Netflix, Live Nation, Universal Music Group, EA Games, Spotify, Warner Records, Office of the President of Iceland, Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs, ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), ATC Live, FUGA, Roskilde Festival, CAA, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Pitchfork, Bull City Summit, LAVA Records, MIT, Red Light Management, Billboard , KCRW, KEXP and many more.