4 acts added to tonight’s lineup

THANK YOU for a wonderful start to Iceland Airwaves!

We are happy to announce four absolute FIRE additions to Saturday evening at the Airwaves Center.

Please welcome neonme, Úlfur Úlfur, Birnir and Clubdub who are going to join forces and create a real festival club feeling at IA Center on Saturday night.

They join local legend Emmsjé Gauti, Faroese rapper Marius DC, electronic punk spectacle The Post Performance Blues Band and danish-faroese hot ticket Guðrið Hansdóttir.

The IA Center will pop off on tonight, so put your fancy shoes back in the closet and bring your best dancing shoes, your workout set, and your fabulous selves

Please note that due to limited capacity at the IA center we cannot guarantee entry to non wristband holders from 7PM on Saturday evening. Wristband holders will have priority from that moment on. If you are there to get your wristband you will of course always get in.

Arrive early, stay late, and have fun.