Airwaves now a three day festival

Over the last 20 years of its existence, Iceland Airwaves has undergone many transformations and as a leading world-class festival, it is crucial for it to constantly reinvent itself. In times like these, introspection, careful examination, and a bit of navel-gazing are more important than ever. And the bottom line is that we need to lighten the load.

This year, we are streamlining the event and canceling the official programming on Wednesday. The festival will take place from Thursday to Saturday, November 3-5. We are doing less, but making more of it. For real. Partners and friends of Airwaves will have the chance to set up all kinds of events and happenings on Wednesday, but all that will be revealed later.

We hope our guests will welcome this change and that our friends and partners will take the opportunity to put on their own shows and events on Wednesday to get things going and warm up for a three-day party like no other.


Diverse side-program

We can’t let the party die down and we aren’t taking any chances. Therefore we want to open the festival to the Icelandic music scene and beyond; in fact, to anyone who has good ideas for how to keep the fun going.

We are doing this by adding the new feature of partner shows and partner venues. This means that during Airwaves week, anyone who wants to hold a concert, fashion show, art show, clothing market, poetry reading or whatever, has the opportunity to be part of the Airwaves program. This way, we can harness the great energy that is created during the festival week even better than before, and welcome the willingness we feel from all over to participate in it.

We believe that these changes and improvements will make the festival better, more diverse and more fun. We really do.

However, of course current ticket holders are entitled to a refund because they bought tickets for a four-day festival that has now become a three-day festival. Those who would like to surprise us by canceling their attendance because of this, simply need to send an email to info@tix.is before April 4th, 2022 to request a refund. We will be hurt, but we’ll get over it! Onwards and upwards!