Get involved with Iceland Airwaves

This year we want to involve more people in Iceland Airwaves, and open the festival up for our many great event planners, music lovers, and creative minds that want to make their mark on the festival.

We already have application forms for artists and volunteers who want to work with us, you can read about it here.

However we have some other fun ways for people with great ideas to harness the energy and enthusiasm surrounding Iceland Airwaves to create their own events. Here is an overview of event and venue types:


Off-venues are the approved venues which host select performances by local artists during the day, up until 19:00. They are usually smaller than the offical venues and mostly host bands that are not part of the official line-up. Off-venue shows are open to all, subject to each venue’s age limits and capacity. These venues handle their own production and programming. Wristband holders get a 10% discount at the bar and Plus upgrades give 20% discount.


These venues participate in Iceland Airwaves in an official capacity, exclusively for Iceland Airwaves wristbandholders, but the venues  are in charge of their own production, schedule and lineup. These venues may host more than just concerts, and can be a great way to explore local art, fashion, and more. Wristbands are needed to enter.


These are promoters or artists that organize their own one-off shows during Iceland Airwaves either exclusively for Airwaves wristbandholders or they get priority and discount. 

Participants can benefit from promotion of their events through Airwaves channels, and in return we ask you to bring added value for our valued wristband holders.