Price Hike This Friday!

Get your best deal while you can!

Our prices are going up this Friday, may 31st, and 23:59 GMT! And trust us when we say we would love for you to save that money so you can buy an extra drink while you’re dancing to the coolest, freshest acts. So if you haven’t scored your ticket or Plus Upgrade just yet, this is your sign!

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Current Line Up (A-Z):

Alice Longyu Gao (China) | Anish Kumar (UK) | bar italia (UK) | Bear the Ant (IS) | Benefits (UK) | Bolis Pupul (BE) | Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul (BE) | cumgirl8 (US) | eee gee (DK) | Elín Hall (IS) | English Teacher (UK) | freekind. (SL) | Gabríel Ólafs (IS) | GDRN (IS) | Hildur (IS) | Inspector Spacetime (IS) | Joy (Anonymous) (UK) | K.óla (IS) | Klemens Hannigan (IS) |  Lambrini Girls (UK) | Loverman (BE) | lúpína (IS) | Lynks (UK) | Magdalena Bay (US) | Mandy, Indiana (UK) | mary in the junkyard (UK) | Migluma (LT) | Monobloc (US) | MRCY (UK) | Múr (IS) | Opus Kink (UK) | Orbit (DE) | Overmono (DJ) (UK) | Personal Trainer (NL) | Pétur Ben (IS) | Róshildur (IS) | Saya Gray (CA) | Shygirl (UK) | Sofi Paez (CR) | Sóley (IS) | Teitur Magnússon (IS) | The Vaccines (UK) | UCHE YARA (AT) | Úlfur Úlfur (IS) | Une Misère (IS) | Vévaki (IS) | Villano Antillano (PR) | virgin orchestra (IS) | Wu-Lu (UK)